Parikshit Saraswat

Student at University of Southern California

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I am an aspiring game programmer focusing my studies towards engine programming. I began my journey with a fixed camera 2D shooter which opened my mind to new possibilities in the programming world. I became fascinated with game development and started trying my luck with some popular game engines including Unity 3D (4.5 at that time) and Unreal Engine 3. As fun as they both were, I wasn’t thrilled with the level of abstraction they provided. I wanted to look at the inner details of a game engine. Then, I started learning OpenGL and found the open-source Irrlicht Engine which introduced me a little to the inside of a game engine. After that, I came upon Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory and started learning OpenGL from various tutorials online as well as from the OpenGL Superbible, and finally began work on my own Graphics Engine – the LightEngine. After finishing it, I focused on two main aspects of a graphics engine - Postprocessing and Lighting. I interned at Reliance Games where I learnt a lot about both and created my post processing demo. As for lighting, I was interested to learn the different global illumination algorithms there were including both the screen-space raytracing techniques as well as world-space ray (cone) tracing. Finally, I implemented two of these techniques (Voxel-based GI and RSM) by building on the Unity 5 lighting engine and customizing over it to add GI using my custom lighting code.


Game Programmer – Intern

Reliance Games

  • Wrote and optimized shaders for Real Steel WRB 2 and Shadow Strike 2.
  • Implemented post processing effects like Bloom, Tone-mapping, God Rays, Ray-marched Volumetric Lighting, SSAO, SSR, Sprite based Bokeh DOF and FXAA.
  • Implemented a spatial coherence based fast SSR implementation.
  • Wrote a cascaded voxel-grid based cone tracer for Unity 5 in order to simulate diffuse as well as specular global illumination.
  • Implemented global illumination through reflective shadow maps and splatting VPLs on the compute shader.


Indian Institute of Technology

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering

University of Southern California

MS in Computer Science


C C++ Java C# Allegro Win32 OpenGL GLSL Irrlicht Engine Graphics Engine Development Unity Unreal Engine 3 Cocos2D-x MIPS Assembly