LightEngine – A C++ and OpenGL based 3D Graphics Engine


  • Uses diffuse, specular, normal, cube and environment texture maps.
  • Implements a simplistic Particle Engine using billboarded textured quads.
  • Implements lighting using the Blinn-Phong model.
  • Generates Shadow Maps using depth maps.
  • Imports models in Wavefront’s .obj format using Assimp’s importer.
  • Renders text using glyphs generated from TrueType fonts using Freetype 2.6.
  • Generates final output after HDR Rendering, MSAA Anti-aliasing and a soft Kernel Blur effect.

Third-Party libraries : OpenGL 3.3, GLM, GLFW3, GLEW, AssImp, SOIL and FreeType 2.6.


August, 2015